about haute mama

raised in the suburbs of maryland, educated in the halls of spelman, and currently residing in dc, haute mama in the city is a newly divorced mother of an amazing mohawked 7-year-old navigating her way through motherhood, career, dating, and fabulousness.

haute [oht] adjective
  1. high-class or high-toned; fancy: a haute restaurant that attracts a monied crowd.

  2. high; elevated; upper.

my haute life

  • 1. update hautemama facebook
  • 2. schedule play date for friday
  • 3. update hautemama twitter account
  • 4. book flight to paris
  • 5. shop for greece trip
  • 6. schedule girl's night
  • 7. prep for presentation on the 10th
  • 8. go to the gym
  • 9. register kj for french
  • 10. maintain complete fabulousness while juggling my crazy life


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